Positives Attitudes = Positive Life

Some of us occasionally feel down, in the dumps, depressed. We seen to get sick more often during those times. Did you know many experts believe your attitude life affects your health?

It seems more people who are cheerful and who take time to “smell the roses” have fewer health problems. I’ve seen this in my practice. A cheerful outlook won’t prevent the development of all diseases, but it can make recovery easier and faster.

Are you a “glass half empty” or a “glass half full” person? Your outlook on life affects your overall attitude and persona. In every situation, you have a choice to be happy. Open your eyes to the beauty surrounding you!

Endorphins make us feel happy and help us have a positive attitude. Some examples of things that might increase endorphin production are: exercise, enjoying a sunny day, looking at a beautiful piece of art, listening to your favorite music, laughing (giggle!), even chocolate!

What can you do today to shift your mood from gloomy to healthy and happy? Here’s to a #HealthierHappier new you!

Blessings and Love!

Nikisha T. McDaniel, D.C.

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